About Pwn School

Founded in June 2018 and the first meeting held in July 2018, The Pwn School Project was created out of the desire to offer free pentesting/ethical hacking education to the public. This project was created to give back to the hacking and InfoSec community as well as inspired by the Dallas/Fort Worth community. The ethical hacking subject is relatively new in most universities and community colleges and commercial courses can be too expensive and too advanced for those new to the subject. The founder of The Pwn School Project, Phillip Wylie is a pentester and adjunct professor with 7 plus years of dedicated pentesting experience and 21 plus years of IT/sysadmin, InfoSec and AppSec experience. Phillip started teaching part-time because of his passion for sharing information. Phillip has mentored and shared his knowledge and resources to up and coming pentesters, and InfoSec professionals. Teaching has allowed him to teach and share on a broader scale. Pwn School is a way to extend teaching and sharing by holding classes. These classes are lead by Phillip and other experts in the profession and the hacker/InfoSec community. The training will cover basic to advanced hacking and pentesting concepts.